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Peak officially sold China's first 3D print running shoes

 September 29, 2017, Peak has officially launched its 3D print running shoes FUTURE2.0, which is China's first launch of 3D print running shoes brand.
3D print running shoes3D print shoes

FUTURE 2.0 and ordinary running shoes the biggest difference is that it's 3D print soles, soles inside a complex grid structure, with bird bones as inspiration, with similar bird skeleton parametric support structure, through the 3D print Technology to manufacture, combined with the bionic form to achieve a lightweight, breathable, soft shells and a series of features. This sole is made of SLS laser sintered TPU powder, with good softness and elasticity to ensure comfortable wearing.

Peak 3D print running shoes

As a technology that has become mature, 3D printing in the field of daily life in the use of more and more up, including Adidas, Nike and other world famous sports brands are in this area, in early 2017, Adidas has launched a new sports shoes "Future Technology 4D" (Futurecraft 4D), is Silicon Valley start-up company Carbon research and development of 3D printing technology. Confirmed in this year launched 5000 pairs, and in the next year mass production of this 3D running shoes, is expected to mass production by the end of next year more than 100,000 pairs. This pair of sports shoes has become the world's first mass production can achieve 3D print shoes.

3D print shoes3D print shoes 3D print shoes

Although the number of 100,000 pairs of such as Adidas annual output of hundreds of millions of enterprises is not a large number but for the shoe customization has a special significance, although the current is not The success of the transformation of small shoe to achieve a personalized customized mass production, but for such a respect for fashion, personality and innovation in the field is still unable to meet the needs of some consumers, and now the application of 3D printing technology, greatly release the design The imagination and the possibility of creation, consumers can according to their own needs in color, pattern, etc. personalized custom.

3D print shoes3D print shoes 3D print shoes

In the past, the production of a new shoe requires a design, production of prototype shoes, mold making, mass production of four processes, each new shoes need to manufacture expensive molds. And now 3D printing takes only 20 minutes to complete. Once the design is complete, you press a button to print out the soles. This also two hours of things. Traditionally, this step takes more than a month to build a new mold. "said Gerd Manz, vice president of technological innovation at Adidas.

3D print shoes

Adidas released Futurecraft 4D running shoes, production time only 2-3 days, and in the past Adidas in the shoe iteration of the speed of 35 days. Why Adidas R & D speed can be greatly improved? All this from its new soles fabrication technology & mdash; digital photosynthetic technology, the soles from the liquid material from scratch to produce only need 1.5h, and the future can be shortened to 20 minutes.

3D print shoes

The unique nature of the running shoes is not only reflected in the production of the time greatly reduced, the soles of the honeycomb network structure is a major bright spot, which can make people think of cushioning, Stable, comfortable and lightweight, which is the traditional processing technology can not be achieved.

Another advantage of the new technology is that it can be made according to the characteristics of each person's foot, the user can send personal foot data can be made to meet their own shoes, so open the shoes of the personalized Custom era, which is actually 3D printing technology is the most close to people's lives and innovative applications.

Although the majority of shoe prices can not be 3D production of shoes, but with the leader of Adidas, I believe other shoe companies will continue to keep up, and further research and development of 3D printing shoes technology. Maybe one day in the future, we can own at home to print a unique running shoes, smart shoes, casual shoes.


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