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Japan's brother invented snow 3D printer, the South's friends do not have the refrigerator

 "3D Printing World" News / Today, the circle of friends and Xiamen snow brushing, which is the first time in 37 years for the snow in Xiamen, most of the night the public traffic jams watching the snow, the recent micro-Bo on a "South girl refrigerators show snowman" Video of the fire, netizens have drying out of their own refrigerator snowman, so there are netizen comment Xiamen snow: quickly save the refrigerator. Southerners are really pretty cute.
However, at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, a graduate student successfully printed ice and snow with water as a raw material by modifying a desktop 3D printer. Even the five-pointed stars were printed. It should not be a problem printing a small snowman.
The 3D printer was modified to extrude the water through an air brush and a second airbrush squeeze out HFC (liquid HFC) gas, a gas that chills water immediately even at room temperature It instantly cools the water that has been squeezed out into ice.
The little brother who invented this ice-cold 3D printer was Hiroki Fujita, a master's student at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It looks pretty good, and it is said that he spent a year developing the machine.
Hiroshi Fujita for how to use this ice 3D printing technology is not entirely clear, is said to be used in cooking, can not be used to print some more romantic things? For example, southerners like the snowman ah.


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