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3d print lunar lamp

   Today,Chinese lunar calendar August 15, autumn has been half, is for the Mid-Autumn Festival. "Mid-Autumn Festival, the temperature has been cold and cold, days of high air, moonlight transit, it is the best time to watch the moon." The ancients to the moon as a symbol of reunion, therefore, also known as August 15 for the "rally" ralph lauren pas cher.
Mid-Autumn Festival, eat a reunion dinner, put a few months of moon cake, family and friends with a month is a warm, full of rituals of the established process, one can not less. Embarrassing is that the big holiday in many parts of the country encountered rainy days, many users have said that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is also a pair of double appreciation of the month?
But in the near future, this may not be a problem, science and technology to change life, such as the following man-made moon primary version:

3D print lunar lamp

3D print lunar lamp

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