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3D printing instrument incoming: free custom and unique

 With the large-scale application of 3D printers, 3D printing has become the new darling of artists, designers, they can easily customize their own 3D print works, especially 3D printing instruments, has been subverting our imagination of the instrument.
3d print instrument
3d print instrument 2
The joint research team from Dartmouth College and Autodesk has developed a 3D printone application that allows users to easily print out 3D shapes of custom shapes that automatically create a reasonable 3D shape based on custom 3D shapes. The acoustic structure, print out the 3D instruments are all able to really play.
dragon-shaped 3D printing instrument
Developers have succeeded in creating a simple 3D instrument, such as a three-dimensional pentagram-style 3D whistle, that can also play the "little stars" of the beautiful melody. Of course, the more complex 3D shape is not in the words, such as the dragon shape of the 3D instrument can easily play the "magic dragon Pav" (Puff, the Magic Dragon) "song, the developer has successfully created a 16 from Definition of the shape of the 3D instruments, each instrument can be easily played according to the shape of a beautiful melody.
3D print pentagram
The company was founded in 2008 by Steven Ma in Vienna, and partner Lu Bin (the company is the world's leading 3D printing brand, Bin Lu and Leirah Wang moved the headquarters to Shanghai in 2014 to become China's first professional three-dimensional design brand, through the 3D printing related products, in the global context to provide a new way of life experience.

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